Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Five Byters!


/Upper Byte

/Game Development studio

/Manpower: 5

/Twitter account for each studio member: created and active
/Communication mode: On

The moment has come for us to introduce you to the five Byters! Five, Fünf!

This is not just the two of us in a dark cave anymore. We are now lucky enough to work with a real team.

Their sweet names:

Developer / A weird but cuddly man, you should learn more about him...

Developer / A The Witcher / Batman fan, a mind blowing mixture.

Illustrator / An Alien and Fallout 2 fan, he draws gorgeous co....lorful things on sticky notes during his free time.

Discover now the crazy team webpage on our website!

Stay Tuned: There's more to come!

-- The Upper Byte team

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