Monday, May 14, 2012

How well does it run?

This week we'll scratch the surface of the game a bit and show you some tasty details of Wooden Sen’SeY. You've seen the videos and screenshots, and probably asked yourself: how will it run on my machine? Well, we're nice guys, so the game will run on most computers.

All the game images we've shown you were taken in real time (we don't cheat at Upper Byte!), on a less-than-high-end-we-don't-have-the-cash machine. To give you an idea of how the game will be rendered on your computer, here's a snapshot of the quality modes:

Quick mode, for old machines

Normal mode: fluid on a fairly recent machine

Fantastic mode: fluid on recent and powerful equipment, Bwahaha!

The most obvious differences are the precision and size of the textures. The game also has two lighting modes: a dynamic mode, with nice shadows for the character and game objects, and a static mode, with pre-calculated lighting for fluid rendering on old machines. Lots of other parameters are also configurable, like texture filtering, water quality rendering, image effects, shadows, animations, etc... which means you can pretty much end up running the game anywhere!

Well, hey, it's great to have different levels of video quality, but where do the graphics come from? Glad you asked. Just to satisfy your curiosity, here's a quick 'making of' two levels in images!

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