Monday, November 19, 2012

Upper Byte Around The World

Hi everyone!

Hell yeah, we are still here and still rocking. After our incredibly hectic last few weeks, we're eventually taking the time to make a small recap of our last trips!

IndieCade 2012

Wooden Sen’SeY was an IndieCade 2012 finalist last month in Los Angeles. We made the trip to meet the US indie community for the first time! We got a chance to meet a lot of absolutely great people, pros, hardcore players, or just people passing by wondering what was going on. These were 4 awesome days, we hope to get back there soon.

Pitch My Game

We made a short trip to Paris to show the game in a small event called Pitch My Game. We met players from France for the first time, made a small pitch (obviously) and answered some quite interesting questions. You can see some pictures here, and there is even a video for the ones able to understand French.

Pitch My Game #3 - Jeu 1/4 par Prelude666

We're here to stay, so is Wooden Sen’SeY, we are not forgetting you and have (once again) some nice and warm cookies cooking over here...
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Stay tuned!

-- The Upper Byte Team