Friday, April 20, 2012

Goro: the village chief!

Surly, violent, and partial to SeY, he's also the character you'll be playing! Despite looking like a wino, if you've got ten talented fingers he can be impressive :) We're not going to say any more, you'll have to judge for yourself:

You noticed how gracefully he jumps and spins? OK, fine, he tumbles around too, but for the right reasons! We'll show you his specialty: axe-throwing! Once in the air, he can throw his axes to the ground and anything that is in their path is... slightly deteriorated, shall we say:

This also lets Goro jump higher to reach places filled with bottles of SeY!

In addition to being able to go helter-skelter, Goro can also use his axes as grapples. This lets him whirl in the wind to avoid falling into space, reaching out-of-reach areas, and striking an enemy up high with his axe. But be careful! The grapple can't catch on everywhere. It may be highly effective on wood, but totally useless with stone and metal!

Finally, for delicate situations that call for precision, he can use shurikens, which are both fast and sharp. And when it's time for massive destruction, he pulls out the heavy artillery: big, fat, powerful bombs! We'll let you mull over the delicate carnage in this next clip!

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