Friday, April 13, 2012

Wooden Sen'SeY

Wooden Sen'SeY
The platform game that’s a real blast!

A page out of history 

SeY invigorates the inhabitants of the village. Unfortunately, there isn't a drop of SeY left. All the flasks have been stolen!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help Goro, the village chief armed with two axes as big as him (and his thirst for SeY). You can jump anywhere, grapple, slice, squash, dice... anything within reach of your blade!

We have been working to give you a cocktail of astonishing and captivating adventures with the subtle chemistry of an original universe, great gameplay and fantastic graphics!

Whew! Took us a while to come up with that sentence... : )

Upper Byte is an indie company: the two of us are developers who love our profession and hope Wooden Sen'SeY will be worthy of your time!

It will be downloadable for PC/Mac, and not expensive. A release date? You'll be the first to know when we have one!

To continue with the presentation of Wooden Sen'SeY, here's the game trailer for you:

And a few screenshots to spice things up! ; ) Don't settle for a few pictures, take a look at this gallery on the official Wooden Sen'SeY page!

See you next week, we will tell you more about the game !

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